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Pattern RecognitionCreativity.    Spatial Awareness. 
FUN!  Self Confidence.  Gross Motor Skills.
Hand Eye Coordination.   Resilience.     Patience.  Concentration.  Problem Solving.   Tracking.   Focus. Rhythm Development.   

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Our Founder

Over the course of 30 years Dave Finnigan has taught juggling to over 1 million people.  with his elementary school enrichment program  "Juggling for Success".  Dave is the  author of one of the all time best selling books related to juggling; The Joy of Juggling.  With 3 decades of experience in public schools,   Dave mastered the art of engaging children (and teachers) in the experience of learning to juggle, through his simple introduction of  "scarf juggling".  Dave has left a legacy related to Juggling and has now transitioned to his new program Green Actioneers with the goal of educating children on actions they can take to work with nature.



Meet Travis our next generation Juggling for Success presenter!  Travis has a passion for helping nurture the future generation of happy-healthy humans through the wonderful sport, hobby, art and practice of Juggling.  Travis is a military veteran, husband and father with a fun and 'human' approach to communicating with children.  Learning from and being inspired by Mr. Finnigan's years of experience, Travis has  been handed the torch to carry on the legacy of Juggling for Success.  

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